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The"Noserider" was designed by Niall as the most versatile all-round SUP for riders who want the ultimate in easy to pump, use and store without compromising on performance.

We wanted a board that can be used for everything including; long distance exploring, fitness sessions and surfing. This board was designed to fit nicely in the back of the car or as a compact piece of carry on luggage for travelling.

This board is 10ft x 31 x 4" so has a slightly reduced volume at 190litres, this allows increased performance in the surf but its still a lot of board at 10ft and very forgiving for beginners. The board is more stable than our previous surfer/tourer due to its rounded nose and increased width but with its tapered tail and thruster fin set up, we have increased the performance dramatically.

We are constantly trying to improve our manufacturing and 2019 is an exciting year. Due to advances in consturction methods, the boards have a reduced weight of only 8.95kg making life so much easier.

We added extra foot mat material right up to the nose, this brilliant little extra is a Cold West Boards special to allow a cosy spot for your dog to sit or also for noseriding as your surfing progresses. 

The Noserider is a great board if you want an "all rounder". Due to a slightly reduced volume, it's super easy to pump up and gets you on the water faster so much faster than normal inflatables.

This board comes with a durable backpack, pump, lightweight aluminium paddle, detachable fin and repair kit. Everything you need to get on the water.

The great thing about the Noserider is you can do a bit of everything, from touring to surfing so you will never get bored or grow out of it.

If you want a board that is easy to use, convenient and compact you won't find better than the Noserider. This board is perfect whether you're a complete beginner looking to explore harbours, rivers and open ocean safely or you want to learn to surf on a very forgiving easy to use board that will allow you to progress and expand your skills