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The Orca

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The Orca is the ultimate touring board for all conditions at 10ft2 x 32 x 6", this board has heaps of volume (280 litres) and is extremely versatile and can float weights of 140kg comfortably (22 stone).

If you're looking for a board to explore the coast and rivers with the kids and dog or just want something that's stable enough for you to keep your hair dry, then this is the board for you, as it works in almost any condition.

This board comes with a durable backpack, pump, lightweight aluminium paddle, detachable fin and repair kit. Everything you need to get on the water.

With a sleek pointed nose, the board can pick up a lot of speed without sacrificing its stability and giving it a great look. Whether you're a complete novice or an advanced rider who wants the perfect board to take travelling, the Orca is the board for you.

We are constantly working to improve our designs, 2019 is a really exciting year as due to advances in manufacturing methods the board weight has being reduced to 9.32kg without sacrificing any of its performance.