SUP, wetsuits and accessories care & maintenance

Let's paint the scene, so it's the Easter bank holiday, sun has finally reappeared and you decide to dig all your gear out of the closet and get back on the water.

You grab all your stuff and race to the beach, only to find your aluminium paddle is seized up, your wetsuit smells like road kill and you wish you hadn't just left everything to rot after that last cold winter SUP, sound familiar?

The other extreme is the guy standing in a towel freezing polishing all his accessories after each SUP session before packing down to go home. 

The question every sane person wants to know, what is the bare minimum cleaning and maintenance I can get away and still have pristine equipment?

Personally, I hate cleaning and I do very little and (touch wood) seem to have no issues. I do however always rinse my adjustable paddles pins/connecters (anything made of metal) and always wash my wetsuit in freshwater after every use in the sea.

Saltwater will rust and rot any metal, neoprene, etc if left to sit. I never really wash my actual inflatable SUP (even though the factory recommends it).

Some tips:

1. Spray all your metal pins/adapters on your paddles with WD40 (see picture) or . You can get away without religiously rinsing, if you're regularly using your paddles. Always separate the paddle parts before a pack down though, If your paddle is proper seized up after months of no use, try soaking in hot water to loosen any grit, etc fused into the joints.

2. For wetsuits, buy a large builders plastic bucket (see picture) for about £5 in your local DIY shop. When you're getting changed after a session, stand in the bucket and slip out of out of your wetsuit in the bucket, this way your not covering your wetsuit in crap.  This bucket will keep all your wet gear from destroying your car on the drive home. when you get home, fill the bucket with freshwater with your wetsuit inside. Make this a part of your routine after every session and all your wetsuits will last years.

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